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Gem of the Adirondacks
Star Lake

The New Gem

We have been gone from northern New York State for more than 50 years, but surprisingly we find that our connections to the region seem to keep getting stronger. A chance visit to Star Lake in 2001 after an absence of nearly 35 years has led us to rebuild many old connections. We have come back in 14 of the past 15 years and have rekindled our interest in the community, its history, its natural history, and in the people who have helped us to reconnect with our past. Part of our rediscovery has led Russ to write three books about local history and future prospects, and two novels with settings inspired by the area. And we found our Adirondack summer accommodations to be an excellent jumping off place for much of the research we did for The Summer of a Thousand Cheeses.

Oswegatchie Green (a novel)
Orebed Lake (a novel)

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