Paddling Ferments

Paddling on a Tidal Creek, Lower Suwannee NWR
Living part-time in Cedar Key FL, we could not go long without buying kayaks for ourselves.

Active members and currently on the Board of Directors of the Friends of the Lower Suwannee and Ceder Keys National Wildlife Refuges, we have been enlisted to help to develop a marquee project for the refuges. Another Friends board member who is an avid paddler proposed developing a series of guided routes, maps, and interpretive materials for the use of paddlers. The Board as a group endorsed the project, and we agreed to help, Peg with helping to organizing the project and Russ with the biology.

A Suwannee River Backwater
A paradise for anyone who likes wild things and wild places, the refuges provide myriad treats for paddlers. The Suwannee River, sheltered coastal waters, and miles of tidal creeks provide scenery, adventure, and the opportunity to interact with abundant works of nature.

Over the past several months we have paddled the 12 trails that will be highlighted initially in the Paddling Guide. Both of us having greatly enjoyed this project. It has been completely different than any we have undertaken before and Russ is especially pleased with the opportunity it gives of learning about aspects of biology much different from those encountered in his working career.

With our friend Mark, we have the guide ready now and it is off to the printer. It will include an overview panel, showing all 12 paddles. Each paddle will also have its own 11 x 17 panel. The panels will be laminated and grommet punch to be brought along with you as you paddle. 

Soon you will be able to see more about the project on the Friends website under the Paddling Project tab.

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