Friday, March 11, 2011


At the Cedar Key Arts Center 3/5/2011
We have been offline for a while, in part because we have been preoccupied with a series of presentations and tastings. We hosted a tasting for 13 participants at Gainesville's Oak Hammock retirement community, and one for 25 at the Arts Center in Cedar Key, Florida. We were fortunate to obtain 14 American artisan cheeses, chosen to provide a good overview of available styles and to illustrate the unique qualities of individual artisan cheeses.

Through Cheese to You in Lexington, VA, we got the following:

Capri Goat Cheese from Westfield Farms in Hubbardston, MA
Kunik from Nettle Meadow Farms in Warrensburg, NY
Hudson Valley Camembert from the Old Chatham Sheepherding Co. in Old Chatham, NY
Appalachian from Meadow Creek Dairy in Galax, VA
Vella Dry Jack from the Vella Cheese Co. in Sonoma, CA
Old Quebec Vintage Cheddar from Quebec, Canada, and Lancaster County, PA
Capri Blue Bonnet from Westfield Farms
Grayson also fro Meadow Creek Dairy

The following were graciously provided by the Winter Park Dairy, Winter Park, FL

Florida Tomme
Bleu Sunshine
Black and Bleu

Our other great new Florida artisan cheesemakers at Cypress Point Creamery, Hawthorne, FL provided the following:

Heart of Palm

The final cheese, Humbolt Fog from Cypress Grove Creamery we were able to obtain at a local wine and cheese shop

How did the tastings go? Well, everyone had fun, almost everyone loved almost all the cheeses, and they would like us to do it again. Hmm, whatever could we do for an encore?

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