Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fifty Years Later

Last weekend I went to the 50-Year Reunion of my high school graduation from Our Lady of Mercy High School. I had not been back since graduation night. I thought high school was totally behind me and really had little to do with me today.

But walking into the auditorium changed that perspective. I could almost see my parents, my grandmother, and my sister Kathy, all now long gone, sitting there cheering me on. I remembered my brother Pat there in that all-girl place to celebrate with me, the oldest of the Rooney kids.

I felt the Moving Up Day spirit, the fun of Prom night, the May Day music, the Field Day excitement, the applause of all the plays when I worked the lights and backstage equipment. I wished Kathy had gone to Mercy too, instead of the "new" high school she went to. That was a weird feeling. I do not remember thinking it when she was in high school.

What do you know, Mercy is part of who I am after all. The discovery surprises me more than a bit.

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