Saturday, August 20, 2016

In Clifton-Fine Again

Star Lake in a Google Earth image

I finished The New Gem of the Adirondacks over a year ago, and have resolved to think little, if at all, about the Clifton-Fine community. Thinking and worrying about its fate in preparing the book was an occupation that took nearly two years, and this trip was not to be about research but instead was to be a vacation.

Nevertheless, things happen and things change, and it is difficult not to think about what is happening in a community seeking to  revitalize itself and redeem much that was lost in the past. I'm not about to write another book, but I may from time to time put up a blog post recording the changes of the past year for better or worse. One article on the web did attract my attention today, and I'm including a link here. It may, or may not, be relevant for Clifton-Fine, but it does provide some food for thought. The link is here.

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