Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Amazing Cheese Story - Sign Up Now!

Based on enthusiastic reactions to our various cheese presentations, beginning in January we will be offering a four-session community education course at Santa Fe College, here in Gainesville. This will allow us to treat more comprehensively all we have done and learned in the past four years and will give expanded opportunities for us to interact with people who share our interest in cheese.

As noted in the brochure above (click to enlarge), we will be covering the history of American cheese as it has progressed from farm to factory and, recently, increasingly back to farmsteads. We'll describe our experiences with all the interesting people who are involved in the new American cheese. Most exciting, we will provide hands-on dabbling so participants can have a live experience with making cheese. Also, we will be engaging in a cheese tasting exercise that is certain to heighten everyone's appreciation for good cheeses.

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