Friday, December 17, 2010

Cheese for Christmas

We are annually faced with the problem of finding appropriate Christmas gifts for people who seem to have just about everything they want (at least in our price range). Lately we have gotten more creative in choosing unique gifts, but at the same time our friends and family members seem to have gotten more of the things they want. Most recently we have found that cheese is the ideal gift for those hard-to-please people because: 

1- Everybody likes cheese (everybody we know, that is).
2- Nobody has a closet full of unused cheeses.
3- Artisan cheeses are truly unique and can be given year after year.
4- Like other great gifts, cheese can be shared with others.
5- If you are lucky the recipient may share some cheese with you.

We are fortunate to know an excellent cheesemonger (Cheese to You) who selects the perfect cheeses for the special people on our lists and ships them everywhere. 

Oh, lest we forget, The Summer of a Thousand Cheeses makes a great holiday gift also.

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